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Aeromic Black Sparkle Arm Pouch
Aeromic Black Sparkle Arm Pouch

Aeromic Black Sparkle Arm Pouch

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Sparkly Black Bling Aeromic Arm Pouch for transmitters, phones and MP3 Players
Black Sparkle is our most popular bling colour. For fitness instructors, this light-reflecting arm pouch will hold your wireless transmitter. We recommended it for occasional use at special classes and fitness instructing events.
Alternatively, If you like to listen to music while you walk or jog around the park or fitness club, then this pouch can hold your iPod® or smaller iPhone®. The strap is adjustable for a wide range of biceps using velcro fixings.
It's made of neoprene. It's hand washable (sparkle and colours may fade over time - so please use care).
NB. Please note that the images featured are correct at time of print, but in some cases the belt may differ to the images shown. Offer is for Aeromic armpouch only. Aeromic, Cyclemic and Fitness Audio transmitters not included.