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AEROMIX AMX 123 Mic/Line Mixer by Fitness Audio
AEROMIX AMX 123 Mic/Line Mixer by Fitness Audio
AEROMIX AMX 123 Mic/Line Mixer by Fitness Audio

AEROMIX AMX 123 Mic/Line Mixer by Fitness Audio

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From Fitness Audio - the Aeromix AMX 123 Mixer! Here's a simple mixer with less knobs than our evergreen Aeromix 2+2. It does offer more options to the installer to get a better sound for you. Let's take a look at the features on the front from left to right and then the options we've built in to the back panel. 
VOICE - There is only one volume control but you can connect two wireless mic systems into the 2 Mic In sockets on the rear panel. You can mix them together through the one channel. On the back we've added a MIC INSERT Socket. This lets you send the mic signal out for processing through an outboard Graphic Equaliser and return it into the Voice Channel at Line Level. Neat! Next to it is a MIC TRIM screw pot that will give you more or less mic volume if it's needed. There's also a low cut filter called MIC FILTER to reduce the bass frequencies of male voices. Use with systems that have big bass drivers or sub-woofers to remove room boom sounds from the mic signal. 
MUSIC 1. It has the standard 2 RCA sockets to connect a CD Player, iPod® Dock or our Aerolink Bluetooth® receiver. Use the Bass and Treble controls for the right amount of cut or boost of the music you are playing. Then you can remove the knobs and replace them with two black blanking plugs provided with the mixer! Very cool! 
MUSIC 2. Use with MP3 Players, smartphones, computers and tablets. In fact, any playback device where the sound comes out of a headphone socket. Connect a 2 x RCA plug to 3.5mm stereo jack into the back. The sound comes out with plenty of gain to match the output of a CD player. This fixes major complaints from fitness instructors that their phones are quieter than the old CD player! The PUNCH button is there to add a pre-set Bass & Treble lift to the music. It's really good at low volumes and awesome when played louder. 
USB POWER. There is not one but two USB power sockets provided on the AMX 123 Mixer to trickle charge MP3 players while in use. Or anytime you want. Have a common charging cable connected into the rear socket. Instructors can also power their phones using the front socket with their own cable. Please note: these are battery charging sockets only - they will not playback a loaded USB thumbdrive
MASTER VOLUME. The screwdriver adjustable Master Volume is found in the middle of the rear panel. It's a signature feature of our mixers so that the Voice over Music balance can be set up on the first day then left alone. 
MUSIC MUTE. Using the green Molex connector with a 2 wire cable connected back to the the building's EVAC system. If a smoke alarm goes off anywhere in the building the Music input signal will cut out. However the instructor's mic is still live to air. They can use their amplified voice to safely marshall everybody in the area to the outside. 
OUTPUTS. There are 4 x 6.35mm TRS electronically balanced output sockets for connecting to Power Amplifiers. There's the standard LEFT and RIGHT outputs to use with Stereo Systems. There's a MONO Output for use in wide rooms or to feed sub-woofers or to run the sound through a 70/100V line system. Then there's the MOM output. This stands for Music Only Monitor. Use this output to feed a powered speaker placed on the stage as a music only foldback speaker for the instructor. Your instructors can hear the beat as loud as they want it without the microphone feeding back into it. 
There is so much more to this mixer than you can see from looking at the front panel - we hope you give it a go.