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The HELIX 1510X Portable PA Package with EMic
The HELIX 1510X Portable PA Package with EMic

The HELIX 1510X Portable PA Package with EMic

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Portable Fitness Sound System, iPod®, smart phone or MP3 Player ready with an E*Mic. 
Everything you need to teach classes - Just add your own music! 
Great for yoga hall or poolside use when teaching AquaFitness Classes!
The HELIX 1510X portable sound system a 75-watt powered 10" 2-way co-axial speaker. It is mains or battery powered using rechargeable batteries.
We supply the HELIX 1510X with a Digital Music File Player from a USB Stick or SD Card. That's included in the Bluetooth Receiver module for iPod® and smartphone playback. The system's headmic is an EMic in your choice from seven colours. It connects into a Fitness Audio UHF transmitter to match the 16-channel UHF Receiver. Finally, we supply an iGrip player pouch to hold your smartphone or MP3 music player and there's an Aeromic Pouchbelt for the transmitter. The iGrip player pouch attaches to the HELIX 1510X's handle to keep your phone safe and protected. This PA system comes with a protective dustcover for storage off site.
It is also available with the MT-U8 Mini Transmitter fitted to the EMic instead of the belt pack as an option. This is a CD-free system reducing your concerns about downtime for repairs. A fitted CD/USB Player with Remote Control is available, if required.