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The Gov^nor Sound Limiter
The Gov^nor Sound Limiter

The Gov^nor Sound Limiter

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The Gov^nor by Fitness Audio is a 1RU rack mounting Sound Pressure Level Limiter. It is usually connected between the mixer outputs and the power amplifier inputs. It can be set up manually using a Sound Pressure Level Meter to find the limiting point. The idea is to restrict the sound pressure level in a room to less than an average of 94dBA for a 1 hour fitness class, or to a lower level for a longer time.
You can also connect it to "The Trigger" Loudness Monitor by Fitness Audio, or a SoundEar noise measuring device for a 24/7 limiting action. When the sound level exceeds, say 94dBA for more than 8 seconds, the limiting action is "triggered". The limiter will only let go when the operator reduces the sound level below the pre-set SPL. The front panel of The Gov^nor shows a 2-channel LED bar display of the signal level passing through the unit.
We supply it with a rear panel security cover to protect the controls from "unwanted" adjustments once set. Local authorities in Australia have accepted The Gov^nor as a "bona fide" volume controller that will meet noise control orders.

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