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Aeromic Fitness Headmic AM11LS
Aeromic Fitness Headmic AM11LS

Aeromic Fitness Headmic AM11LS

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Aeromic AM11LS now with a Carbon Collar is the "best bet to beat sweat" headmic for Fitness Instructors.

Made in Sydney, the Aeromic AM11LS is the sweat resistant Fitness Instructor’s mic that  is the industry standard in Australia. Over 50,000 Aeromics have been sold around the world since 1999!

Introducing the LS Series - now with a Carbon Collar on all Aeromics and Cyclemics. The new Low Sensitivity capsule protected by both a Carbon Collar and a double mesh. The Carbon Collar is acoustically transparent and protects the mesh in front of the mic's capsule from getting clogged or wet with spit or sweat.

If you are buying or supplying a brand new Aeromic/Fitness Audio wireless package then there’s no need to turn the transmitter input gain down; leave it on full and get the benefit of greater dynamic range handling. The AM11LS will deliver more voice loudness before feedback, and is compatible with the latest transmitters/bodypacks from Shure and other brands. The Low Sensitivity capsule also makes it easier when using Digital Processors to control and shape the sound in a fitness studio, so everyone's a winner with the LS! Other exclusive features include the PhatFrame, which adds more strength to the one-piece frame. The AM11LS is easily moulded to a firm fit for a range of head shapes and sizes. It has an all-steel cable with four layers of sweat defence at the connector. It’s the next best thing to indestructible!

Every Aeromic is hand-made by The Aeromic Team, and is the only mic we know of that’s guaranteed for two years* against sweat damage, even if it’s used for up to 7 classes a day, 7 days a week*.

Special Aeromic Trade & Upgrade Offer!

If your Aeromic is getting a little old and tired with a serial number starting with a 8, 9, 0, 1 or 2 then maybe it’s time to upgrade! Just return it to AMA or your local supplier – just as it is including your payment details for a brand new replacement AM11LS Aeromic with the Carbon Collar and the Two Year “No Sweat” Warranty* and you’ll pay less! In Australia call Andrew on 02 8399 1052 for pricing info.