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Original Walk'n'Talk PA is priced to clear!

Original Walk'n'Talk PA is priced to clear!

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It's back! The original walk'n'talk Personal PA in  beige with a black adjustable belt. You wear it around your waist, plug in the dynamic headmic, turn it up and take command. Ideal for teachers and trainers - trainers of people or animals! It comes supplied with 6 x Titan rechargeable batteries and a charger. 12 hours charge gives 6 hours talk time.

NB: The version on offer is only supplied with the HM26L head mic. Spare or replacement headsets are available for $49.50. Spare or replacement Ni-Mh Rechargeable AA Batteries are available for $30.00

Bulk Discount for a box of 12 PPAs - Just ask Andrew: 02 8399 1052!